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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to buy CDs and downloads from Pure Energy?


All CDs and downloads from Pure Energy are 100% legal and fully licensed by the copyright holders. You must ensure you are covered by the correct performance licences to copy, move or play the content.

Pure Energy supplies 3 types of music; Original Artist, Cover Versions and Licence Free. 

The majority of the music on this site is by the Original Artist and distributed under the terms of a special license granted for the use by professional aerobic and fitness instructors by Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) therefore if you play this material in public or in private to the general public you will require a PPL licence. You can purchase a PPL licence from this site either individually or as part of a Pure Energy membership, or directly from PPL.

Our Promix range of music is Cover Versions, meaning this music is PPL free. However please note that the venue you're teaching / performing in must have a relevant PRS licence. 

Other product ranges are completely Licence Free, meaning you are able to play this in any venue without licensing restrictions.

You can easily identify the type of music by going to any music page on this website and using the Licence Type filters on the left hand side.

I've bought an album as a download, how will this be delivered to me?


Your album will be delivered to you in a ZIP file, containing MP3 files of each track within the mix (or each individual track if it's a compilation album). Also contained within this ZIP is an application that will allow you to burn the download to a CD, and a text file detailing how to do this.

What do I need in order to download digital files from Pure Energy?


Our download service requires a PC or Mac with a modern web browser, older browsers are not supported. A broadband internet connection is strongly recommended to allow you to download your music as quickly as possible.


What can I do with my purchased music?


Downloaded tracks can be played through your PC/Laptop, transferred to a compatible portable MP3 player or burnt to CD and CDs can be ripped to a computer (as long as you own a Pro Dub licence). Once you have downloaded music or bought a CD from us, it is yours to keep; however, as all music available at Pure Energy is copyrighted, it is prohibited to distribute, sell or share it with others.


Can I Use My Pure Energy Album Online?

Our Licence Free Music range is both PPL licence-free and PRS licence-free, here are our usage guidelines:

Licence Free Music Can Dos
Cleared for use on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch and Podcasts. Use for online paid subscription services. Unlimited views and followers. Monetise on YouTube.

Licence Free Music Restrictions
Download to own or any type of resale of audio only or audio/video. Use in TV or radio advertising.(If you'd like to use our music for this purpose please contact us for further information).

Our original artist releases and our PPL-free Promix range are NOT cleared for online use.

if you would like further information or clarification then please contact support@pureenergymusic.com


The song I want is part of an album... why can't I download it separately?


We only sell entire albums on the Pure Energy website.


Is there a minimum spend?


Yes, there is a minimum spend of £2 across the whole website.


How do I download my tracks from Pure Energy?


After confirming and paying for your order, scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'my downloads' this will take you to a page where your links will appear once they are created. You may need to refresh your screen. Available for 72 hours if you need to re-download your items after purchasing them, visit the my downloads page within 60 days of purchase.

For more detailed information about downloading your purchases, please click here.


Can I download direct to a mobile device?


Pure Energy delivers digital files as a zip file, and an iPod, iPad and many other mobile devices can't open zip files. We recommend that you download to your main computer then sync the audio files to your device.


How many times can I download my items?


You can request downloads twice within 60 days of purchase. This can only be extended in the event of a technical failure while providing your download links. For this reason, you should ensure your digital downloads are protected by a backup solution.


My files are no longer in the My Downloads section!


Normally this means you have exceeded the 60-day limit, or used all your download attempts. However, we may occasionally need to withdraw items from download for legal or other reasons.


What is your returns policy?


Please click here to read our returns and refunds policy.


Can I use PayPal?


Yes we accept PayPal for full payments, however you can’t pay monthly for your Pure Energy Membership via PayPal.


Why can't I select the CD version of an album I'd like to purchase?


If the CD option isn't available, this means that the album is exclusively available as a download; we have either sold out of the CD or we have never made the album available as a physical product.


Can I carry my unused allocation forward on renewal of my membership?


We like to ensure that you get the maximum value from your Pure Energy annual membership, and to that end, we stipulate that your CD or download allocation must be taken within your membership period, to ensure that you don't lose out on any albums that are owed to you. It isn't possible to carry over any outstanding allocation to subsequent membership periods. All our memberships run for a period of 12 months.


My question wasn't answered here. How do I contact you?


Please feel free to email us at support@pureenergymusic.com




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